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2 days, 52 comedians, 5 Rooms, 1 big Comedy Party! The Utrecht International Comedy Festival will take place on the 1st and 2nd of May at the beautiful venue TivoliVredenburg right next to the Central Station of Utrecht.

Comedians include: Gunter Lamoot (B), Tom Ward (UK), Murth Mossel, Arie Koomen, Rayen Panday, Els Vertongen (B), Alex Ploeg, Wilko Terwijn, Evelyn Mok (SWE), David Galle (B), Rob Allen (UK), Silvester Zwaneveld, Ria Lina (UK), Martijn Oosterhuis, Andy Valvur (US), Lukas Lelie (B), Bram van der Velde, Valdemar Pustelnik (DK), Piet de Praitere (B), Jørund Larsen (N), Isak Jansson (SWE), Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (CAN), Bart Melief, Jeroen Pater, Hank, Berit Companjen, Jurg van Ginkel and many others!

The Comedyhuis organises this great festival for the third year in a row.

I'll be hosting various shows:

20.30-20.40 o'clock: The Red Chair - Festival square

21.00-21.10 o'clock: The Red Chair - Festival square

22.00-22.10 o'clock: The Red Chair - Festival square


18.45-20.00 o'clock: K'ching with Felix Heezemans, Rob Allen, and Els Vertongen - Pandora

20.45-22.00 o'clock: Wonder Women with Evelyn Mok, Els Vertongen, and Ria Lina - Pandora Club

22.15-23.30 o'clock: Cocktails with Maxi Gstettenbauer, Bas Birker, and Harry Glotzbach - Cloud Nine

Don't hesitate, buy your tickets now at: