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GenderBlender Conference

On Friday, July 4th, MU dives deeper into this subject with Professor Uta Brandes, specializing in the impact of gender on design and vice versa. Additionally artist Heather Cassils, renowned for the way she trains her body to the limit and her sculpts muscles, will elaborate deeper on her work. Also there will be a debate where specialists discuss, a site that seems to make it possible to reconstruct ourselves to have an ideal body. I will be hosting this conference!

Conference Program
- 1.00 pm Ontvangst Natlab Auditorium
- 1.30 pm Keynote with Professor Uta Brandes about gender and design
- 2.15 pm Keynote with artist Heather Cassils
- 3.00 pm Short interval
- 3.30 pm Willem Popelier about his work En Vogue from his point of view 
- 4.15 pm Debate about
- 5.00 pm Drink at MU | Strijp S with a performance by Gabriel Maher

GenderBlender Conference
Date: Friday  4th July
Opening: 1.00 pm
Location: Natlab, auditorium, Kastanjelaan 500, 5616 LZ Eindhoven
Entry: free of charge
Subscription by mail.


Foto: Dennis Veldman | Visagie: Joost Gimbel | Model: Sven Ratzke